Adamo Drive Mural Project

After more than a year of hard work and community dedication, the Adamo Drive Mural Project is complete! Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn formally dedicated the mural on Tuesday, May 21, 2013.

Spanning 12,000 square feet, this enormous piece of art is painted on the side of Fabricated Products of Tampa, overlooking Adamo Drive between 17th and 19th streets. It is the largest piece of original outdoor artwork in the state of Florida.

Artist Michael Parker led the team of artists - 14 students enrolled in Selected Topics in Art: Community Mural Project class at Hillsborough Community College’s Ybor City campus – along with many volunteers in the massive project.

The mural now serves as a beautiful south entrance to historic Ybor City, depicting the rich and diverse history of Ybor City, while looking forward to a bright future with creativity and culture, which are forever intertwined.

The mural features three major themes: The journey through Life, the Conflict between Tradition and Progress and the American Experience. Two women’s faces are prominent in the design, which stresses the humanity of our history.

Secondary themes divide on the mural into six distinct scenes:

  • Opportunity! The start point for our journey into an uncertain future,
  • Diversity, Assimilation, and Harmony,
  • Each of Us Can Achieve – Adversity Overcome in the Past, Present, and Future,
  • Personalities of Ybor City – A Salute to Our Heritage,
  • Triumph of the Human Spirit,
  • Power of Free Speech and New Horizons.

The mural is a public-private partnership more than two years in the making. Funding came from $20,000 in donations and a $10,000 contribution from the City of Tampa. Corrosion Specialties, Inc. loaned vapor-blasting equipment to Kevin Schwiekhart, coatings specialist with Protective Coating Solutions, to remove loose paint and debris from the building's exterior surface.

News about the Mural Project

Massive mural gives glimpses of Ybor's history
My Fox Tampa Bay - May 21, 2013
It is a depiction of the rich immigrant history, not only for Ybor City, but also for "America's Journey," which is what the massive artwork is titled. Read more from My Fox Tampa Bay.

Along Adamo, a statement to match the bold history of Ybor City
Tampa Bay Times - May 18, 2013
Rolling by on Adamo Drive, thousands of motorists have gotten glimpses under the scaffolding of the work in progress, but a huge mural painted to tell the story of Ybor City makes its official unobstructed debut next week. Read more from the Tampa Bay Times.


For area artist, a big dedication for a big work of art
The Observer News – May 29, 2013
South County artist Michael Parker has the ability to see neighborhoods, communities and even the world in incredibly big ways. Read more from The Observer News.

Adamo Drive Mural Nears Completion, Ybor City
83 Degrees - May 21, 2013
The approximately $30,000 project is expected to enhance the appeal of the Ybor City Historic District, transforming industrial weather-beaten portions of Adamo Drive into a work of art representing the culture, heritage and vitality of both Ybor City and Tampa. Read more from 83 Degrees.

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