Event Planning

Ybor City is home to many special events throughout the year. If you're planning an event requiring street closures in Ybor City or in an Ybor City park owned by the City of Tampa, the Office of Special Events can help. The Office of Special Events is a division of the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department.

The Office of Special Events is the regulatory authority responsible for permitting outdoor special events on public property within the City of Tampa. All reservations for special events - including festivals, runs / walks, parades, block parties and citywide holiday celebrations - on public property must begin with The Office of Special Events.

Their Guide to Special Events (PDF) and section on the City of Tampa's website can help you:

  • Check date and space availability
  • Apply for a Special Event Permit
  • Apply for a Facility Use Permit
  • Determine the timeline for the process and plan accordingly.

We hope to host your special event in Ybor City!

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