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Ybor City ArchWith attractive gathering spots and venues galore, there are always special events to attend, new venues to explore and something new to try to tantalize your palate.

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Did you know?

Ybor City has a friendly competition with Cuba for the title of World's Longest Cigar!

World's Longest CigarIn November 2009, master cigar makers Wallace & Margarita Reyes (and a team of 98 volunteers) set a Guinness World Record at the Cigar Heritage Festival in Ybor City. The cigar measured 196 feet, 3 3/8 inches (59.82 meters) and weighed 112 pounds.

It's the second title for Mr. Reyes; in 2006, he obtained the world record with a 101' cigar. Mrs. Reyes, became the first woman master cigar maker to be part in the world record for "World's Longest Cigar" category.

In May 2011, a Cuban cigar roller reclaimed the title with a cigar measuring 268.4 feet (81.8 meters)  Find out more about the Ybor City record effort.