Welcome to Historic Ybor City

Victor Martinez-Ybor, founder of Ybor CityOld-world charm with a fresh feel - Ybor City in Tampa is suited for any taste.

Enjoy Historic Ybor City's exotic blend of sights and sounds, with a rich history to explore during the day and a sizzling nightlife to experience after sundown. The district's vibrant community embraces its past to create a culture that is uniquely Ybor City.

Explore Ybor City
Discover independent Ybor City restaurants on every street, set in eclectic architecture and style. Take a tour of the historic district to learn about Tampa's History. See upcoming events or list of special events for ideas on ways to experience Ybor City.

Turn your visit into a vacation by staying in one of the inns or hotels in Ybor City, the National Historic Landmark District of Tampa. From dining and dancing, to concerts and culture, there's always something new to see or do in Ybor City.

Ybor Flavors Television Show
Ybor Flavors Television ShowGo behind-the-scenes at Ybor City’s newest corporate neighbor, the Ashley Furniture e-commerce headquarters, on the latest edition of Ybor Flavors. Join host Veronica Swiatek as she also shares highlights from the show’s past 50 episodes. Ybor Flavors is your guide to all things Ybor.

Ybor City in the News
News outlets frequently write about events, people, businesses and history of Ybor City. Find out what they're saying.

Build in Ybor City
Ybor City consistently has one of the highest occupancy rates in Tampa Bay. High demand, low inventory and properties ready for redevelopment mean great opportunity for residential developers. See the incentives and grants available to developers looking to invest in Ybor City.

Ybor City on Display
As part of the Ad Council's #WeAreAmericans campaign, professional wrestler and actor, John Cena gave this heartfelt message to all Americans while walking down 7th Avenue. Ybor City's rich history of diversity and acceptance worked as the perfect backdrop for this powerful and moving message.

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