Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Tampa

Investing in neighborhood redevelopment is a high priority in each of Tampa’s eight community redevelopment areas. Redevelopment is helping make Tampa’s neighborhoods more attractive, safe, convenient, environmentally healthy, and economically strong. The Tampa Community Redevelopment Agency provides legislative oversight of the community redevelopment areas.  

Ybor City CRA Staff  

Brenda Thrower, Manager 

Corine Linebrink, Urban Planner III 

Ybor City Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Ybor City Community Advisory Committee (CAC), which also serves as the Board of Directors of the Ybor City Development Corporation, Inc. (YCDC) is a voluntary group appointed by the CRA board. This group is comprised of all major stakeholder groups and industries in Ybor City. CAC members represent the interests of property owners, residents, and retailers among many other community segments that help make Ybor the heart of Tampa. Ybor City CAC/YCDC meetings are held at the Ybor City CRA office and are open to the public. Meetings are monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 4 p.m., excluding November and December.  

Steve Barbas

Chairman, Ybor City Museum Society

Chris Wojtowicz

Immediate Past Chairman, Property Owner

Liz Welch

Vice-chairman, Barrio Latino Commission

Rich Simmons

Secretary, At-large

Chip Williams

Treasurer, Bars and Restaurants

Marcia Austin


Tee Ann Bailey

Multi-family Residential

Brittany Barrie


David Bailey

Historic Ybor Neighborhood Civic Association

Cristal Blackwell-Lastra

Ybor Historic Social Clubs

Joe Capitano

Sr Emeritus Member

Meredith Berwick

Historic East Ybor Gary Neighborhood Association

Fran Costantino

Emeritus Member

Armando Edmiston

Professional Office

Joshua Frank


Casey Gonzmart Jr


Ken Jones


Larissa Baia

Hillsborough Community College

Claire Fenlon May


Michael Murphy

Ybor Merchants Association

Arnold Trueba

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Walter Pinillos.

Gaybor District Coalition

Damon Shiver

Ybor Chamber of Commerce

Christopher Vela


Peter Wright

Hotel and Bed and Breakfast




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