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Over the last few years, the CRA Board has requested revisions to the CAC Policy for greater efficiency and uniformity within the governance structure of the eight Tampa CRAs. The policy had special considerations for the Ybor Community Development Corporation (YCDC) and the East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership (ETCRP). A revised policy was approved by the Tampa CRA on August 17, 2023, that aligns the CACs, which separated the YCDC and ETCRP. They now will operate as their own entities.

Specific to the Ybor CAC, once the current at-large members serve their final two-year term from October 1, 2023, to September 30, 2025, ultimately there will be a reduction in membership from 25 to 20 with two emeritus members serving until they no longer are active. Ybor CACs new structure includes 10 at-large and 10 ex-officio members.

Moving forward, all CAC applicants are required to submit a Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Committee Questionnaire and Sunshine Law & Ethics Code Acknowledgement Form to the CRA Manager who then will transmit these to the CRA Director and then to the City of Tampa City Clerk’s Office for CRA Board consideration and appointment.

Appointed representatives will serve two-year terms with the option to be reappointed for another consecutive two years. These term limits now also apply to ex-officio members that must recommend a new representative after a full four-year term is served.

We encourage the public to attend the Ybor CAC on the fourth Tuesday of the month beginning at 4 p.m. at 2015 E. 7th Ave. There is no December meeting due to the holiday.

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