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The City of Tampa is continuing the Lift Up Local Economic Recovery Plan, including in Ybor City, throughout the duration of the City of Tampa’s local state of emergency. Lift Up Local temporarily allows restaurants and retail businesses to expand their business footprint onto the public rights-of-way or in privately owned parking facilities without meeting certain City code and permit requirements. Once the local state of emergency has been lifted, establishments participating in the program will have 30 days to restore to normal conditions and be subject to all applicable rules and regulations.

Here is a guide for retailers and restaurants

Restaurant Requirements

  • Indoor capacity limited to 50% of building occupancy, which excludes staff personnel.
  • All indoor and outdoor seating must be spaced at least six feet apart except to the extent that appropriate partitioning is in place.
  • It is strongly encouraged to test your workforce for COVID-19. Call 888-513-6321 for free testing. No symptoms necessary, and insurance is not required.
  • Use disposable paper menus.
  • Provide easily accessible sanitizer for patrons and employees.
  • It is strongly encouraged to implement contactless ordering and payment processes.
  • All restaurants are encouraged to use a reservation process to prevent capacity issues. Restaurants using Parklets or participating in the ‘Café and Retail’ zones are REQUIRED to use a reservation process to prevent patrons from congregating while waiting for service.
  • Facial coverings must be worn by “front of house” staff members who interact with customers.
  • Limit contact with dining guests by reducing the number of visits wait staff make to each table.

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