Ybor City Community Redevelopment Plans 

The Ybor City Community Redevelopment Plans are the official guiding documents that provide the framework for projects and activities intended to revitalize and improve conditions within the Community Redevelopment Area.  

The Ybor City CRA 1 Plan was adopted by the Tampa City Council in 1988. The plan has been amended two times, with the current adopted version approved on October 14, 2004.  

The Ybor City CRA 2 Plan was established and adopted by the Tampa City Council in 2004.  

Both CRA plans expire in 2034. 

Ybor CRA 1: Click Here to View the Community Redevelopment Plan 

Ybor CRA 2: Click Here to View the Community Redevelopment Plan 

Ybor City Vision Plan 2020

The Ybor City Community

The district has undergone significant economic development and investment since the last CRA update in 2010. In 2019, the Ybor City CRA in conjunction with the VHB, the Hillsborough County Planning Commission, OWA, and Landwise Advisors, developed a long-term action plan for the Historic Ybor City District. The plan, called Vision 2020, outlines the amenities needed in the community based on community sentiment and organic growth.  

Learn more: https://planhillsborough.org/ybor-city-vision-plan-update/ 

Ybor City Resident and Worker Survey 

In 2016, the Ybor City CRA launched an assessment with the objective of understanding development priorities from resident and worker perspectives; establishing benchmarks for satisfaction and recommendation levels; collecting perceived assets and opportunities for the district; documenting motivating factors for use in commercial capacity; and solidifying how the stakeholders define Ybor City’s brand. This biennial survey gives the Ybor City CRA a tool to help understand the community’s needs and increase awareness of the district’s residential, commercial, and tourism amenities.  

  • Coming soon 2023! 
  • 2021 Survey Results 
  • 2018 Survey Results 
  • 2016 Survey Results 

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